Check it out! Outpedaling author adds book reviews to bag of tricks



Tintinabulation! I was reminded of the glory of words in early June while visiting the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Va., after covering a news assignment nearby.

A museum sign noted that bugaboo, epilepsy and multicolor were also

The Poe museum in Richmond highlights a few of the 1,000-plus words the author invented.

among the roughly 1,100 words Poe invented. Oh my.

I don’t believe I invented the word dilbit, but I like to think I added it to the lexicon after spilling so much ink about the trials and tribulations of diluted bitumen. (Think “The Dilbit Disaster: Inside the Biggest Oil Spill You Never Heard Of,” my Pulitzer Prize-winning opus for InsideClimate News.)

Poe’s dexterity with language inspired me to try my hand with nouns, verbs and adjectives eons ago.

And, speaking of words, in my effort to be a better literary citizen, I’m taking a crack at reviews for the Washington Independent Review of Books.

Follow link for my first effort, posted June 9: The Facemaker: A Visionary Surgeon’s Battle to Mend the Disfigured Soldiers of WWI.

My review was even blurbed on LitHub, which is evidently a sacred site that compiles snippets of book reviews.

Let’s hope my first is not my last. Onward we go, to the next chapter. Stay tuned.

And I’ll leave you with a few Poe images from that terrific afternoon at the museum. No captions necessary.






Check it out! Outpedaling author adds book reviews to bag of tricks

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