Elizabeth McGowan

The Outspoken Cyclist logoWant to be riveted? Listen to Outspoken Cyclist Podcast host Diane Jenks delve into the back story of Outpedaling ‘The Big C’: My Healing Cycle Across America during a one-on-one conversation with Elizabeth.

Jenks, a guru of all things bicycling, has covered every angle of two-wheeled adventuring as the producer of one of the longest running and most popular bicycling podcasts in the industry.

“I found her to be one of the most articulate, interesting, and candid people I’ve spoken with over the many hundreds – nope thousands – of interviews on the show,” Jenks said about Elizabeth.

“Yes she wrote a book – a really good one about her cross-country bike tour. But, it was her reasons for taking the trip and then teasing out the whys that became the real story.”